‘Twas right around Christmas two-oh-seventeen,

It’s hard to imagine the sights that we’ve seen.

From Tweets from our Prez to some bad guys with guns,

You’d think through the year no one had fun.


The press had a field day describing the ways

The Donald just had to be stopped and not praised.

Russia was blamed for affecting the vote,

Collusion was rampant, and that’s all she wrote.


Special commissions are now all the rage,

Supposedly filled up by people with sage.

It has been suggested some members are biased,

Though they would explain they are naught if not pious.


Hillary Clinton is finding it hard

To recognize from White House gates she is barred.

Supporters, however, should likely not fear,

Chelsea can run for an office next year.


Healthcare insurance continues to rise,

Keeping your plan and your docs was all lies.

Changes were tried, but the votes were not there,

Congress found no common ground which to share.


Tax breaks are now front and center it seems,

Wouldn’t you think it a popular theme?

Yet both sides embroiled in the battle are leery,

Everything looks good on paper in theory.


Meanwhile a lunatic sets off his missiles,

Always with “I hate the U.S.” epistles.

Kim Jong-un needs to control all his rage

Lest he gets bombed back to early Stone Age.


Thank goodness we have other things on our plates,

Our children, our freedoms, our work, and our mates.

Otherwise going to bed every night

Would make us all jumpy and filled full of fright.


Stories that tugged at our hearts did abound,

Even when seemingly none could be found.

A boy fighting cancer just wanted some cards,

Strangers sent thousands, along with regards.


Space station astronauts wanted new tastes,

Meals out of tubes can be likened to paste.

Zero-G pizza came out pretty well,

Just hold the anchovies and all will be swell.


Hacking has risen and no one is safe,

From seniors to Gen Z and even small waifs.

Yahoo and Equifax led the parade,

Breeching is something that prob’ly won’t fade.


So all of our info we once thought secure,

Suddenly no one can really ensure.

Change all your passwords but don’t write them down,

Else all of your money be spent by some clown.


Moonlight won Oscar’s most coveted prize,

But not until Warren and Fay told a lie.

They said that their envelope read La La Land,

Could next year Price Waterhouse find themselves banned?


The Carters and Clooneys gave tabloids a treat,

Both birthing twins for their publics to meet.

A boy and a girl for Queen Bee and Jay-Z,

Ditto for George and Amal, oh, what glee.


Suicide bombers and bad guys with guns

Targeted innocents just having fun.

Concerts in England and Vegas were hit,

When will the carnage and gore ever quit?


The name Harvey Weinstein was once up in lights,

A Hollywood mogul who reached for the heights.

Alas, he was reaching for other things too

Until a few ladies told something they knew.


The floodgates were open for all kinds of claims

As women called out their accusers by name.

“Me Too” gave power to those who were hurt,

Bravo to those putting creeps on alert.


High winds and water destroyed homes and lives

When Harvey, Maria, and Irma arrived.

Wildfires out west added flames to the fury

And snow in May-retta made residents worry.


Legends were lost as celebs went to rest,

Many who lived life with fullness and zest.

Hefner and Gomer and Petty and Mary,

Jerry and Della and Fats were all buried.


Ditto Judge Wapner and Batman named West,

Even Rocket J. Squirrel (June Foray at her best).

Greg Allman, Glen Campbell, Roy Halladay too,

Troy Gentry, Christ Cornell, all made us blue.


The family Karadshian still made the news,

But mostly in grocery store tabloid reviews.

Royals commanded attention of course,

Babies, engagements, the usual source.


Speaking of fodder for check-out delights,

J-Lo and A-Rod are out on the nights.

Maybe they took in the flick of the year,

That Woman of Wonder showed she had no fear.


Houston dried out just in time to rejoice,

Their Astros just had to be destiny’s choice.

Golden State regained command of the hoop,

The Falcons were this close and then . . . oops.


Clemson fans relished the hardware they won,

Tiger said, “Hold on, folks, I’m not yet done.”

Dale Junior ran his last race for a cup,

Danica’s doing two more than gives up.


Despite all the turmoil, the bluster, the fuss,

Consider the fact you’re still here a plus.

Hug on your family and friends and feel blessed,

Life in our country is still just the best.


Next year we all start with clean slates again,

Writing our lives out on blank sheets with pen.

For now, though, let’s celebrate Christmas with style,

Greet all whom you meet with a warm gentle smile.


©MMXVII. William J. Lewis, III – Freelance Writer