Just Back Off, Vlad.

If you happen to have a family member who was on planet Earth back in the days leading up to the start of World War II, this might be a good time to ask if he or she thinks that perhaps history is repeating itself. Different players are assuming different roles in the game now, [...]

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Gazing in the Grocery Line

Now that football is over for the season and before Russia decides whether or not to invade Ukraine, I thought there might be enough of a lull in the action to catch up on what’s going on in the world of tabloid news. As you know, it’s often more exciting than a 4th and goal [...]

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“Who Dey,” Indeed!

Just in case you missed the memo, Super Bowl LVI will be contested Sunday. Alas, to the great chagrin of avid Atlanta fans, the Falcons will not be joining the Braves as Champions this season. Instead, the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals will be matching up playbooks. I have to say that while I [...]

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