What Did They Say?

Is anybody else feeling a little, for lack of a better term, stupid these days? I’ve been trying to decipher who did what to whom regarding Russian influence in the 2016 election, as well as keeping track of FBI personnel that seem to have spent more time figuring out ways to de-throne Donald Trump than [...]

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What’s In The Box?

Remember Pandora? No, not the music app. In the wacky but strangely relevant world of Greek mythology, she received a box as a wedding present from the all-powerful Zeus. Devious fellow that he was, though, Zeus warned Pandora that she should never open the box. “Well, what good is just a stupid unopened box?” you [...]

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Polite Dinner Conversation

You know what would really be fun? Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Maxine Waters at dinner together. Sarah, you’ll recall, is the White House Press Secretary, and thus charged with explaining many Administration policies to the waiting public via the journalists who cover President Trump. Maxine is a long-time Congresswoman from California who abhors every scintilla [...]

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