The Spittin’ Image of Whom?

As yet another birthday of mine approaches (all chocolate presents gratefully accepted), one of my sisters asked if I’d like to take one of those ancestry tests now available. She wanted to give me that as a present, especially since she heard that DNA from male members of a family sometimes provide more detailed information [...]

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What’s The Deal?

I want to see if I have this straight. The U.S. and China are trying to negotiate a trade deal. Hopefully, such a pact would benefit both countries. We are, after all, each other’s largest trading partner, with maybe a trillion dollars or so in commerce flowing back and forth across the Pacific every year. [...]

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A Colorful Dilemma

Are you a Democrat or a Republican? Or do you even know for sure anymore? Kermit the Frog once sang a song all about, “It isn’t easy being green.” In the middle of 2018, those who identify with one political party or another might be singing a similar lament about being blue or red. Case [...]

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Ready for Blastoff

I was recently transported back in time. Not with Mr. Peabody’s “Way-Back” machine –perhaps you’ll remember Rocky and Bullwinkle’s adventurous canine friend and his protégée, Sherman – but just in my mind. The era to which I escaped was the early 1960s, when the original seven U.S. astronauts were beginning to be boosted into space [...]

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Keep Your Head Down, Mary Jo.

Did the Russians hack the 2016 U.S. presidential election? Who knows? Ask a card-carrying member of the left-leaning citizenry and they will assure you in no uncertain terms that yes, indeed, the Russkies stole the election from Her Hillaryness and put that (any unprintable adjective or adverb) deplorable Donald Trump in the White House. Ask [...]

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