The Unblemished Record

In a normal year, for which, obviously, 2020 does not qualify, the latter part of summer would be devoted to settling into a new school year, going to a baseball game as the pennant race heats up, getting in one last weekend on the water, and of course, lining up tailgate parties for the upcoming [...]

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Move It, Move It, Move It.

Every presidential election year, there are usually firm commitments from at least several people in the public eye stating that, “If NAME gets elected, I’m moving to Canada.” Four years ago, the NAME mentioned was Donald Trump. There was quite a list of folks from the world of entertainment who swore they would up and [...]

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Ready To Party?

By the time this column goes to press, the Democratic National Convention should be well underway, with the Rs following later on this month. In both cases, the usually boisterous quadrennial gatherings will probably be rather subdued affairs. Covid-19 has rendered the thought of thousands of folks gathering in a large venue to nominate their [...]

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