In Other Colorful News . . .

In our house, we stream YouTube TV. Occasionally, a gray screen will appear and let us know there’s a commercial in progress. I’m not quite sure why we’re not seeing it, but I have to admit it’s kind of nice to just have 30 seconds of quiet broken only by soft accompanying music. With those [...]

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A Payment Plan

Remember last January? Twelve l-o-n-g months ago, we were all caught up in impeachment folderol and wondering whether Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren would win the Democratic nomination for President. Oh, there was also a Page 8 blurb in the newspaper about some odd virus that folks in a place called Wuhan City, Hubei Province, [...]

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A Rude Awakening

Where to begin. Where to begin. Hollywood would never buy the storyline playing out right now. Too far-fetched. It almost seems that with everything going on across the fruited plain, everything is so surreal. Which got me thinking. What do you suppose someone would think if they’d been in a cave somewhere for the last [...]

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Minor Majorities

Just a little bit of action on the political front this week. While the majority of the nation was relieved to see the siege of Capitol Hill contained, those of us in Georgia were just as relieved and doubly grateful the 2020 election cycle had finally come to an end. The Senate elections were extremely [...]

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