One Good Thing?

Perhaps there is actually one good thing about Covid-19 this year. If families followed the CDC guidelines, they didn’t gather in large groups over Thanksgiving, thereby lessening the chance that fisticuffs or worse would ensue in America’s dining rooms over the results of the 2020 election on the day we’re supposed to be thankful, eat [...]

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And the Answer is?

Lots of questions these days, aren’t there? And not just about leadership in Washington, D.C. Nor how many family members and guests can safely gather to give thanks. (Do you suppose there will be more two-pound Cornish hens than 20-pound tom turkeys sold for the feast this year?) It might even be safe to say [...]

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Oh, the Best Laid Plans . . .

As I take keyboard in hand, there is still great dispute as to which candidate for President emerged victorious on Tuesday. Even if every state simultaneously declares their results as official, I have no doubt a campaign attorney or two might object to whatever the purported tally turns out to be. What is not in [...]

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