Ace in the Hole

It’s time once again to eavesdrop on a couple of head honchos from the Republican and Democratic parties, enjoying yet another expense account lunch in a dark corner of a trendy Washington, D.C., restaurant. With the Ds currently in total power, the Rs are taking the potshots this time. As we tune in, pleasantries have [...]

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Who’s on the List?

Are you on Facebook? Some of the latest reports indicate there are approximately 3 billion or so regular users of the obviously popular app. That’s out of a worldwide population of roughly 7.8 billion people. If you figure that maybe a couple billion of those are kids more concerned with Pokeman Master Journeys or even [...]

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Dates of Infamy. Days of Unity.

December 7, 1941. November 22, 1963. September 11, 2001. There are days in history that freeze time. Every generation, it seems, has at least one. Those who fought in or lived through World War II never forgot where they were on the Sunday they heard the news that some far-off place in Hawaii called Pearl [...]

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Are the Winds of Change Blowin’?

For some reason, lately I’ve thought about the biblical Book of Exodus. Perhaps you’ll recall that it tells the story of the plagues of Egypt rained down on the Pharaoh when he refused to allow the Israelites to free their bonds of slavery and depart the country. It took a lot of convincing with some [...]

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