Good Morning, Mr. President.

Have you ever watched an episode of the show Designated Survivor? If not, it’s all about an unelected President of the United States being thrust into the most powerful job in the world because he was the only Cabinet member left after a bomb blows up the Capitol during a State of the Union Address. [...]

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How Deep IS The Quagmire?

As Election Day 2018 approaches, citizens will head to the polls to choose their newest representatives. Every U.S. House seat is up, a third of the Senate, several governorships, and thousands of local positions. Some voters will actually be casting a ballot “for” someone, while others are choosing, “anyone but him/her.” The name Donald Trump [...]

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Ballgame Diplomacy

An absolutely amazing, never-to-be-believed miracle happened this week in Marietta, Georgia. A throng of 46,000 or so Americans got together and cheered, applauded, and stamped their collective feet for the same cause. There was no name-calling, no questioning of parentage, no disgustingly vile and descriptive words shouted at one another. Supporters of a recently sworn-in [...]

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And Then In The Fifth Grade . . .

Have you ever undergone a background check? By the FBI or anybody? Maybe you’ve applied for an information-sensitive post at a federal agency, wanted to be a teacher, thought about law enforcement, or you were just an independent contractor looking to take part in a project that gave you access to secret data. Most of [...]

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