School Daze, School Daze

If I read the tea leaves right, classrooms are beginning to be populated again in public school systems throughout the country. Many teachers are on the “eligible” list for the Covid-19 vaccine. And school administrators across the fruited plain are trying to come up with ways to keep facilities clean and corona-free so parents, kids, [...]

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The Turn of a Phrase

With roughly two months already in the history books, Joe Biden has put off a formal press conference and a State of the Union address longer than any recent White House resident. Most presidents crave all the attention a microphone to the world gives them, but for some reason, #46 hasn’t taken the plunge yet. [...]

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Watch out for Redcoats!

Were you one of the umpteen million viewers (or is that voyeurs) who tuned in to watch Oprah ask transplanted British Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan deeply probing questions about why they took a powder and kissed the United Kingdom goodbye? It’s no secret we long, long ago subjects of the British empire [...]

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Just Play Ball.

As any red-blooded American sports fan knows, Spring Training games began in Florida and Arizona this week. (And if you have to ask, “Spring Training for what?” . . . well, we may not be able to be friends.) Fortunately, there were no politicians involved to foul up things (at least not too much). Even [...]

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