Shout the name Donald Trump in a room filled with oh, a thousand good old average representative American citizens, and the reaction will be fairly predictable. Three hundred will cheer loudly and lustily, 300 will immediately lose their lunch, 300 will hunch their shoulders without comment, and 100 will say, “I thought we were gonna [...]

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It Was In All The Papers

Time once again for a trip down the supermarket checkout aisle in the world of tabloid trash . . . I mean, journalism. It’s always good to catch up on what’s really important in the world since newspapers and broadcast outlets seldom stray too far afield from war, pestilence, natural disasters, and boring political proceedings [...]

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Orwell Run Rampant

When George Orwell wrote his novel 1984, the year was actually 1948. Urban legend has it he simply transposed the last two numbers to suggest the time his fictitious Big Brother would watch over and control the behavior of all humans. (One of his alternative titles was The Last Man in Europe, but his editors [...]

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A Chat Among Friends?

Last week much ado was made about the Hermit with the Bad Haircut leaving his North Korean fiefdom for the first time since becoming that country’s latest Dear Leader Dictator a little over six years ago. Kim Jong Un hopped aboard his train and scooted across the border into China to meet with Xi Jinping, [...]

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