Make Way for 2023!

’Tis the time of year to not only reflect on what transpired these last 12 months of 2022 but to also look forward to what may occur in 2023. And really, is there anything more fun than prognosticating? It’s almost like being a meteorologist. You don’t have to be right, all you have to do [...]

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A Rearward View of ’22

’Twas right around Christmas in two-o-two-two, This year the days and weeks certainly flew. Lots of things happened, though, this much is true, And since you are reading this, you made it through. Heading the news was perhaps the new war, Vlad “the Mad” Putin came on with a roar. Capturing turf that he thought [...]

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A Way to Spread some Holiday Cheer?

Just for a little light reading lately, I’ve been tackling a tome on the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. You may recall that’s a time when the world truly was on the brink of total nuclear annihilation. The government of Cuba had recently been overthrown by Fidel Castro and a cast of Communists masquerading as [...]

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A Brief Break in the Action

Now that the fun of a run-off election in Georgia has ended this political season’s battle for the U.S. Senate, the powers-that-be can settle back for a short month or so during the holidays. They’ll be taking a little time to relax and relive victories or to ponder defeats before ginning up the money machines [...]

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Ever hear of a Gigglemug?

Have you been “ghosted” this year? (One hopes not.) Are you “salty” about anything? (Perhaps the political game or tough economic times?) Those are two of the latest and greatest slang terms to have earned a place in 2022 American lexicon. At least, that’s what extensive research has unearthed. Just in case you need further [...]

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