And So It Goes.

Time once again to eavesdrop on a luncheon tete-a-tete with two furtive political operatives. A high-ranking representative from the Republican party is meeting a high-ranking representative from the Democratic party. From time to time, they like to get together and kind of compare notes while gently jabbing each other with the ups and downs of [...]

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After the Headlines . . .

One of the things I’ve always liked about reading newspapers (and now, of course, also trolling the Internet) is that in addition to the major headlines, there are always tidbits of interesting stories found on the inner pages. Sometimes it’s just a blurb about an unusual event or people doing out-of-the-ordinary things. But there are [...]

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That Coach has left the Castle

Big doin’s in the UK this past week. No doubt many of you saw some, or even all, of the festivities surrounding the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. If for no other reason, this is a big deal since no other English monarch has managed to stay affixed to the throne for 70 years. Although [...]

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A Simple Stress-Free Summer?

While the calendar says it’s not officially summer until June 21st, most of us in the Land of the Free recognize Memorial Day weekend as the kick-off to fun in the sun on boats, in pools, at lakes, near oceans. Or even just sitting in backyards enjoying food, family, friends, and festivities in the great [...]

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