The Happiest Season of All?

Just after Halloween, if you go into most, if not all, retail establishments, you might well hear Andy Williams singing It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year as you shop for your wants, wishes, and needs. That timeframe certainly seems to be the kickoff to the Christmas shopping season. Andy’s song is very upbeat [...]

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Travels with Norma

Amidst all the usual gloom and doom rampant in the news every day, it’s always nice to find upbeat stories that once upon a time the Big Three Networks of yore (ABC, NBC, and CBS) would feature at the end of their Saturday night broadcasts. Those tales were usually about unique events or ordinary people [...]

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The NCAA as a Template?

Did you fill out an NCAA Tournament basketball bracket this year? Even if you’re not generally a hoops fan, there’s usually a group of friends, or some co-workers, or family members that persuade you to join their pool and guess at winners. (Someone recently said to me that he loves watching rabid fans of the [...]

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And in Other News . . .

Since the presidential nominating process has now become yesterday’s news, I thought it prudent to turn attention to other pressing matters in the world. There are myriad from which to choose. And some or all may affect every one of us at some point. For example, it seems the Pentagon has reviewed all kinds of [...]

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Campaigning for Good?

Just in case you tuned out the political world this week (which I understand is next to impossible but more than a little tempting), everything about the presidential nominating process for both Republicans and Democrats seems to be over . . . except for the shouting and funny hats always in evidence at the respective [...]

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Phone Fiasco

I should have played the Lottery last week. Because on Thursday, February 22nd I was one of the lucky 75,000 or so AT&T customers whose iPhones suddenly became thousand-dollar paperweights. The company has a couple hundred million subscribers at least. As a victim with those kind of odds, I should have picked six numbers and [...]

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Wanna Bet?

In the days leading up to the biggest gambling day of the year, Super Bowl Sunday, the news out of the Georgia Senate is the recent passage of a bill that would legalize online sports betting in the state. If you’ve watched ANY sporting event lately, you’ve no doubt seen commercials offering you a possible [...]

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