And Don’t Forget the Blinis

Back in July, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu traveled to Pyongyang to see if perhaps North Korea might be willing to part with a few rounds of ammunition to help backfill reserves depleted by the “Special Military Operation” being waged in Ukraine. Even though it seems as if buying munitions from North Korea would be [...]

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But It Was Just There . . .

As you’ve been cruising around town lately, have you found yourself looking at a boarded-up storefront or an empty parking lot and thinking, “Didn’t there used to be a (FILL IN THE BLANK) there? Maybe you’ve even stopped and said out loud, “No, I’m sure this is the spot. I’ve shopped here before . . [...]

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Re-Writing Gridiron Geography

In case you missed all the sports hoopla over this past weekend, the 2023 college football season got underway. Perhaps your favorite team began this year’s campaign on a high note. Perhaps not. Regardless of the outcomes, it’s just Week One with many more to come. The last remaining survivor of the gridiron battles will [...]

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A Typical Week of News?

Quite the potpourri of news this week. Of course, Hurricane Idalia tore through parts of Florida that seldom bear the brunt of that type of storm. Areas of Georgia and the Carolinas also felt the effects. Fortunately, property damage far outpaced the human toll as those in the path smartly heeded the pleas to hunker [...]

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An All-Round Entertaining Evening

Not even the striking Hollywood writers could have scripted the barbs and taunts thrown around the debate stage at the Republican National Committee melee in Milwaukee this week. Eight candidates were present, continually fighting for a moment of airspace. One notable contender was otherwise occupied, although his name did come up once or twice during [...]

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What (or Who) is Out There?

Since most elected officials in Washington are on their traditional August vacation, I thought it might be fun to explore a tangential topic that’s making some headlines during the dog days of summer. And that would be the presence of aliens among us. No, not thousands streaming across our southern border every month, but the [...]

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Basic Requirements for Office

Does the name Eugene V. Debs ring a bell? You may recall from your high school American history days that Mr. Debs was the Socialist Party candidate for President in 1920. He got about 3% of the total popular vote, which was quite a lot for a third-party standard-bearer. But perhaps the most interesting thing [...]

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Grandma’s Energy Saving Tips

Have you replaced all your old light bulbs yet? We’re supposed to be doing that, you know. Federal edicts decree that the tried-and-true incandescent bulbs that have been lighting the darkness for more than a century now will soon be banned. If you haven’t shopped for replacement bulbs lately and are in need, be ready [...]

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