But It’s FREE, Right?

FREE is a popular word in politics these days. Not so much that it’s a unique concept, but that it’s seemingly a universal application to every program being put forth by certain elected representatives of We the People. FREE medical care. FREE college tuition. FREE food. FREE money. On the surface, all examples sound wonderful. [...]

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Here’s To You, Mr. Robinson

My Dad once told me, “You’ll know you’re getting older when the Major Leaguers start looking like kids.” He was right. But I now have an addendum: You’ll really start feeling old when your boyhood baseball heroes die. Unfortunately, that happened again just recently. Frank Robinson was a young star on the favorite team of [...]

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What’s The Proper Response?

Although I haven’t witnessed every State of the Union message, I can’t imagine any president ever opening his remarks by saying anything short of, “The state of the union is good.” I mean, even if it weren’t, why would he have admitted that he’d been unsuccessful? Within the last century, Herbert Hoover might have had [...]

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It’s A Sure Bet.

The last time the Super Bowl was held in Atlanta, in the millennial year of 2000, a major ice storm hit the city 48 hours prior to kick-off. Just a little bit of chaos ensued, mainly because back then the ice removal system in the Capital of the South consisted of one guy in the [...]

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