A Rose By Any Other Name . . .

Perhaps you’ve read the news that the powers-that-be in San Francisco have now decided to introduce new nomenclature into the vernacular that sanitizes language pertaining to criminals (of which, apparently, there is an ever-increasing amount in the City by the Bay). One report I happened upon indicated that, “from now on a convicted felon or an [...]

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The Iceman Cometh?

Does it seem to you that a good bit of the most interesting news of any given week comes from the south lawn of the White House as President Trump is walking from the residence to his helicopter? For example, the purchase of Greenland. (Where did that come from?) I’m pretty sure he springs tidbits [...]

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A Full Court Press

What do you do if you’re a presidential nominee (well, a Democratic presidential nominee), it’s August, official Washington (including the Fourth Estate) is on vacation for a month, and nobody seems to be listening to you. Well, if you’re Pete Buttigieg, you suggest the Supreme Court be expanded. There are currently nine Supremes, and Mayor [...]

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Who Are Those Guys?

With another round of Democratic presidential debate bouts over and done with, I guess it’s time for some serious assessment on the part of the party powers-that-be to determine just who skates through to the next round in the party represented by the donkey. (By the way, has anyone else ever thought that was an [...]

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