Cold Cash

Perhaps you noticed a little chill in the air late last week. Well, a big chill. As in deep freeze in many regions. Temperatures plummeted across the country causing anything and everything outside to ice up solid. A few things inside didn’t escape the arctic blast either.  Frostbite on exposed skin was a common occurrence. [...]

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And the Oscar goes to . . .

Millions of Americans tune in annually to watch the Oscar presentations. It’s often one of the most-watched shows of the year. Well, at least it used to be. With so many movies available on streaming platforms and with acceptance speeches including lines such as, “Let me tell you what’s wrong with this country,” viewership is [...]

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Is it a Trophy?

How do you catch lightning in a bottle? Well, if you’re the makers of Stanley cups (the 40-ounce kind, not the giant trophy that’s paraded around yearly on arena ice by a victorious National Hockey League team), first you paint them a pinkish-rose color and call them a Valentine’s Day special edition. Then you send [...]

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Let The Games Begin!

Who’s excited that we’re just about to get into the thralls of a presidential election year? Hmmm. I don’t see many hands raised. It’s almost as if many of you would just like to skip all the falderol. Unfortunately, unless you have a well-stocked hideout at the ready, the political process madness is going to [...]

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