Adding To The Thankful List

As Americans, we have a lot of reasons to brag. Which we sometimes do, maybe to a fault. But, on the whole, we’re really a very thankful people. And most of us don’t need nor restrict ourselves to a specially-designated day out of the year to give thanks. It’s ongoing. But since the opportunity is [...]

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Unique Incentives for Amazon

HQ2. I believe that’s what Amazon is calling its proposed new second world headquarters site. The company will remain firmly entrenched in Seattle, Washington, but is looking to build in another location . . . a place where it says it will employ 50,000 people with average salaries of $100,000. That’s a rather tempting carrot [...]

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She Wrote What?

Apparently, the Democrat party just couldn’t stand the disparity any longer. Ever since last year’s election, much of the media attention has been focused on the Republicans and the fact that they’re supposedly in total disarray. Congress (both houses of which are run by the Rs), we’re told, can’t stand the President. And the feeling [...]

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A Computerized Cold War?

Russia, Russia, Russia. You hear the name of that country so much on TV it’s almost like the other Brady Bunch kids saying, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. It’s always about Marsha.” (There’s even a Snickers candy bar commercial built around that theme. But I wouldn’t expect the candy company to do one about Russia.) Some in [...]

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The Simpler The Better

Now that Congress has totally fixed Obamacare, it’s time to move on to a much simpler task – Tax Reform. Given the speed with which they repealed and replaced the healthcare train wreck (“keep your doctor, keep your plan” ring a bell?), and the same bi-partisanship employed by Republicans as the Democrats utilized in passing [...]

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