What Did You Call Me?

Did you have a nickname as a kid? I don’t mean "Jimmy" from James, "Missy" from Melissa, "Jack" from John, or "Beth" from Elizabeth. I’m thinking more along the line of "Curly," "Skippy," "Scooter," "T-Bone," "Pee-Wee," "Little Missy," "Princess," or "Bud." Before it became politically incorrect, I'm pretty sure many people probably had at least [...]

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Who’s Calling?

For at least the past two years, if you were a member of the South Korean military, there’s probably one job to which you never wanted to be assigned: Phone monitor in the Demilitarized Zone. There, apparently, a little less than a football field apart in distance, but light years away culturally, a hotline has [...]

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Is It Really A New Year?

I thought the festivities of this past week were supposed to usher in a new beginning, a clean slate, a fresh start. Then I see that Congress is coming back to talk about avoiding a government shutdown (tell me again why a shutdown would be so bad?), health insurance is a hot topic, and illegal [...]

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