Resolving a Few Issues

With the advent of every January 1st comes the opportunity for all of us to avow to ourselves that we will indeed do things different for the coming 365 days. Besides the staple resolutions to lose weight, eat better, and exercise more, there may be items on your list you’ll actually follow through with. Some [...]

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‘Twas Right Around Christmas 2017

‘Twas right around Christmas two-oh-seventeen, It’s hard to imagine the sights that we’ve seen. From Tweets from our Prez to some bad guys with guns, You’d think through the year no one had fun.   The press had a field day describing the ways The Donald just had to be stopped and not praised. Russia [...]

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A Moving Experience?

In addition to “Make America Great Again,” one of the favorite phrases of candidate Donald Trump last year was “Drain the Swamp.” The Swamp, of course, is his reference to the way of doing the people’s business in Washington, D.C., and the bureaucracy attendant to it. As now-President Trump is finding out, trying to actually [...]

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Who’s Next?

It’s more than a sad commentary on the current mores of our society to open up a newspaper or turn on a newscast on any given day and see yet another public official or person in a position of power accused of taking advantage of underlings. The Hollywood revelations are somewhat akin to the old [...]

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