Putin’s Posse?

Did you realize it’s been five months since Russia decided to help itself to Ukraine? Even as the headlines recede, that war continues to go on. Vladimir Putin is hardly giving up on his apparent goal to remake a new Soviet Union in his own inimitable way. Tens of thousands have died, millions have been [...]

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Of a Certain Age

There’s been quite a bit of ink and airtime used lately to discuss the age of one Joseph Robinette Biden. (Yes, that’s his real middle name. It’s his paternal grandmother’s maiden moniker.) Some news sources thrive on highlighting the spoken gaffes and memory lapses of the President, while others may admit they occur but don’t [...]

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Summer Vacation Slip-Slidin’ Away.

So, here we are coming up on mid-July. Time was when school-aged kids could safely and enjoyably say, “No big deal. We’re only halfway through with summer vacation.” And they were right. It wasn’t that long ago that traditional breaks from ’readin’, ’ritin’, and ’rithmatic’ lasted from basically Memorial Day in May to Labor Day [...]

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A Good Bet

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the possibility of new gambling opportunities being afforded those who seek to wager on sporting events. These would be legal bets and not the kind that have apparently always been available from guys in the backrooms of nondescript storefronts who have collectively been known as “bookies.” Las Vegas, [...]

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