That’s Cool (I Think)

As an old year ends and a new set of 365 days begins, do you have your Fintech ready to go? Are you responding TL;DR to verbose Christmas letters, or exclaiming over family members with a few more Adorbs this week? Perhaps it’s time to really get up close and personal with your Haptics. Are [...]

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‘Twas Just Before Christmas 2018

’Twas just before Christmas in twenty eighteen, We've done lots of stuff, and what things we have seen. The country continues to be somewhat split, Everyone keeps having large hissy fits.   All you need do is just mention one name To hear a loud chorus of, “He gets the blame.” But Donald J. Trump [...]

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You Sure You Can Sing That?

Did Donald Trump write a Christmas song or something? I ask that because there seems to be a recent spate of challenges to a couple of classic Yuletide ditties as to their appropriateness in today’s politically correct society. And if there’s a problem with anything going on in the world, it’s a sure bet someone [...]

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Behind Closed Doors

At some point between now and January 3rdwhen the new Congress is sworn in (not inaugurated as rookie representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York seems to think), in all probability the (presumed) new Congressional leaders will have a sit-down with President Trump. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s role hasn’t changed, nor has Minority Leader Chuck [...]

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