A Pause In The Action

Several decades ago, in the Paleolithic non-cell-phone days of yore, I was a young single lad driving west by myself, headed toward California with many of my worldly possessions in my Chevy Malibu. I got tired of the endless ribbon of concrete that was the Interstate system, and decided to take a lesser-known path through [...]

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Ya Wanna Bet?

It seems the Supreme Court likes the odds – on everything. Striking down a 1992 law that barred most state-authorized sports gambling, those in black robes ruled this week that not just Nevada, but every state in the Union now has the right to allow its citizens to bet cash money on just about any [...]

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That is the Question.

Will he or won’t he? As of this writing, President Trump and his ever-growing convocation of legal eagles have not yet decided on whether he’ll answer questions from special counsel Robert Mueller in person, in writing, or not at all. As usual, there are political and personal reasons to consider all three scenarios before making [...]

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A Pair of Emmys for a Pair of Pros

I don’t often use this space to talk of personal things. But events of this past weekend have prompted me to bend that practice. Two great friends of mine received recognition from their peers last Sunday in Los Angeles. Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes were honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Daytime Emmy [...]

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