In Other News . . .

With a lame duck Congress basically cooling its collective jets for now, there seems to be room for other news. What follows is a potpourri of information that might have escaped even avid junkies of the latest breaking news, since seemingly half the country hangs on every White House tweet and the other half keeps [...]

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The Turkey Stood Alone.

As I write these words, Thanksgiving 2018 is not yet history. But as you read them, it will be. And that begs the question: Have you finished your Christmas/PC-correct Holiday shopping yet? You’re only looking at a month to go. Given the fact that several retailers have had decorations up for weeks and the toy [...]

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Whatever Will We Talk About?

Now that all the hoopla of the mid-term elections is over and neither Elizabeth Warren nor John Kasich has yet started running TV commercials for the 2020 Presidential sweepstakes, We the People need a diversion. I mean, sure, it may still be fun and entertaining to sit across the Thanksgiving table from family members and [...]

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A Different Time and Place

As I’ve mentioned previously, part of my peripatetic past includes working on several U.S. Senate and Congressional campaigns. It was definitely exciting and eye-opening. I got to know a lot of candidates and people in power. Needless to say, what you see in front of the cameras isn’t always what you get behind the curtain. [...]

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Rally ‘Round The 216

In the beginning, there was Tom Jefferson and John Adams. Not exactly the best of buddies during the early years of independence. Andrew Jackson was hardly beloved by all. Abe Lincoln presided over the biggest split our country has ever seen. Woodrow Wilson faced a country divided by America’s involvement in World War I. Our [...]

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