Grandma’s Energy Saving Tips

Have you replaced all your old light bulbs yet? We’re supposed to be doing that, you know. Federal edicts decree that the tried-and-true incandescent bulbs that have been lighting the darkness for more than a century now will soon be banned. If you haven’t shopped for replacement bulbs lately and are in need, be ready [...]

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Could You Pass?

Around the July 4th holiday every year, there’s often a local or national news report about a group of newly minted U.S. citizens. Usually, this is a diverse assemblage of people standing in a government office, raising their right hands, and swearing allegiance to their new country. Previous to this naturalization ceremony, there was a [...]

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Summertime Pests (Besides Politicians)

With every passing summer day in the good ol’ U.S. of A. seemingly comes news that somewhere along the fruited plains there are either monsoons or Sahara-desert heat waves occurring. If it’s not record-setting stretches of triple-digit temperatures in the Southwest, it’s twice the average annual rainfall in a day throughout New England. Plus various [...]

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