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Live from . . . anywhere . . . please!

Okay, be honest. How many of you live-sports-starved fans just watched a NASCAR race for the first time ever? Or a made-for-TV golf match? I have several friends who enjoy watching drivers make constant gradual left turns going well over the speed limit for a few hundred miles. They’ve done their best to educate me [...]

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Try Grinning to Help Bear it.

What’s the best way to fight Covid-19? Stay home? Avoid crowds if you do have to leave? Wear a mask even to take out the garbage? Keep six feet between you and anything else breathing? All good ideas, but what about the side effects, like being cooped up in the house, perhaps out of work, [...]

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Finding Extra Cash

Who needs some money? Besides all of us individually. I’m thinking more collectively. As in our state treasuries. Right here in Georgia the good ol’ Covid-19 or Wuhan Wallop, or whatever you want to call it, has apparently depleted a good bit of the loose change we the taxpayers keep tucked in Capitol dome sofas. [...]

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Then and Now

Even though guns and ammo aren’t involved, I think it’s safe to say we are at war today. We just can’t see the enemy. It’s not wearing a uniform or carrying out maneuvers under a particular banner. Alas, we do have brave “soldiers” on the front lines. The weapons medical personnel are using to combat [...]

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Whattaya Mean?

Time was, if you wore a mask into a bank lobby, your visit probably wasn’t going to end well. Branch managers and security guards took a dim view of such activity. Now, though, chances are you can’t get through the door of the place without covering your face. In the turbulent 1960s, Bob Dylan wrote [...]

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The Not-So-Nice New Norms

My dog is NOT a fan of Covid-19. Too much walking involved. She’s hardly a spring chicken, and kind of resents the fact that she’s having to get 10,000 steps of her own in every day while being tethered to me in pursuit of mine. I think it’s fair to say she does enjoy sniffing [...]

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No Laughing Matter? Perhaps.

As most of us are mainly sitting at home trying to make the best of the unknown, a few random thoughts on the virus and its consequences have traversed my brain. For example: Would buying stock in Total Wine be a good investment about now? In nine months do you suppose we’ll experience a significant [...]

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Please Pay Upon Receipt.

Final Four? Nope. NBA regular season? History. Opening Day for baseball? Not gonna happen – at least for a while. And Masters’ passes are just taking up space on coffee tables. To say the least, this latest coronavirus is no friend to the world of sports in America. Not to mention soccer fans around the [...]

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