Supremely Stimulating

With not much new going on in the country right now, thank goodness a Supreme Court nomination has come along. Republicans and Democrats needed something new to carp at each other about. Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death has left a void in more ways than one way. In addition to the obvious vacant seat, her strong [...]

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Interchangeable Troubles?

The pubic images that the heads of the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee put forth in the media are those of bitter enemies and antagonists. Their jobs, of course, consist of furthering the careers of politicians aligned with their respective parties. So, they have to root, root, root for the home team. [...]

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And they’re off!

Okay. The Rs and Ds have spent part of the last few weeks at their respective conventions telling us all how great their respective candidates are. And Labor Day, the traditional kick-off time for campaigns, has come and gone. So, now the real presidential sweepstakes fun starts. Perhaps you’ve already noticed an uptick in TV [...]

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Take a Break. Enjoy the Day.

Anyone who celebrates a birthday between September 1st and September 7th is acutely aware that every six years, their special day is also a national holiday. Labor Day is always scheduled for the first Monday in September. So, the date it falls on changes annually. We who claim the 7th are proud to share our [...]

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