A Sunday Morning Suggestion

As a lifelong member of a host of church choirs, I’ve heard quite a few sermons. Every purveyor of The Word has a different style of delivery and vehicle for getting messages across. The one that tends to work best for me is when a mixture of today’s examples and what ancient writers noted in [...]

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The Trouble With Harry . . .

As Igor said to Dr. Frankenstein in the grave-digging scene from YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, “Could be worse. Could be raining.” Or, you might be an impeached President. Or, heaven forfend, Queen Elizabeth. If you were the latter, you might figure that being the head Royal would be a piece of cake. You’re beloved by your subjects, [...]

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What’s New?

Ho, hum. The holiday festivities are more than over, the decorations are down (not put away, mind you, but down), the diets have started, and everyone is just thrilled to be back at work and school. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were something interesting going on in the world to capture our attention? But, [...]

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Dodging a Bullet

How’d you like World War III this week? Or perhaps you missed it. Didn’t last nearly as long as the first two in the series. Thankfully what was touted by Iran as the United States committing an initial act of combat didn’t progress past some sand getting rearranged in retribution. Cooler heads prevailed and, for [...]

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Crystal Ball Gazing, Anyone?

Got any predictions for 2020? I’d guess many of you reading this will venture a prophecy regarding the fate of one Donald J. Trump. Some will say he’ll be kicked out of office shortly. Others will say it doesn’t matter about that; whoever the Democrats put up against him will win in November and do [...]

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