Then and Now

Even though guns and ammo aren’t involved, I think it’s safe to say we are at war today. We just can’t see the enemy. It’s not wearing a uniform or carrying out maneuvers under a particular banner. Alas, we do have brave “soldiers” on the front lines. The weapons medical personnel are using to combat [...]

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Whattaya Mean?

Time was, if you wore a mask into a bank lobby, your visit probably wasn’t going to end well. Branch managers and security guards took a dim view of such activity. Now, though, chances are you can’t get through the door of the place without covering your face. In the turbulent 1960s, Bob Dylan wrote [...]

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The Not-So-Nice New Norms

My dog is NOT a fan of Covid-19. Too much walking involved. She’s hardly a spring chicken, and kind of resents the fact that she’s having to get 10,000 steps of her own in every day while being tethered to me in pursuit of mine. I think it’s fair to say she does enjoy sniffing [...]

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