Working on Seating Arrangements

While there is much posturing, harrumphing, and election-year grandstanding going on about a certain Supreme Court seat this week, I think it’s important to note that Congress is also about to be involved in another seat of interest. And while it doesn’t have nearly the power of a tall black leather one, it is one [...]

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And The Winner Isn’t . . .

Hollywood hosted one of its favorite events this week. The annual Nighttime EmmyAwardsemanated from Tinseltown. If you watched, you were in the minority. Ten percent (roughly a million) fewer people than last year tuned into the program, reaching an all-time low in viewership. Some pundits opine that was due to NBC airing the show on [...]

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Blow the Man Down?

As I take computer in hand this week, there’s a blue sky and sunshine in Georgia. Alas, that’s not the case just east of here. Hurricane Florence continues to gather strength and head for the joint Carolina coasts. Where the mighty storm actually hits the hardest is particularly important to me because my wife has [...]

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All Pleasantries Aside . . .

Once again, We the People are being treated to the spectacle of a nominee for the Supreme Court being interrogated by members of the U.S. Senate. Since “advise and consent” is one of that august body’s main Constitutional duties, there’s no doubt it’s good we go through the process. Unfortunately, in today’s communication-laden society, we [...]

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