No Laughing Matter? Perhaps.

As most of us are mainly sitting at home trying to make the best of the unknown, a few random thoughts on the virus and its consequences have traversed my brain. For example: Would buying stock in Total Wine be a good investment about now? In nine months do you suppose we’ll experience a significant [...]

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Please Pay Upon Receipt.

Final Four? Nope. NBA regular season? History. Opening Day for baseball? Not gonna happen – at least for a while. And Masters’ passes are just taking up space on coffee tables. To say the least, this latest coronavirus is no friend to the world of sports in America. Not to mention soccer fans around the [...]

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Who Goes First?

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that Joe Biden becomes the presidential nominee of the Democrat party. (We’ll get to another option later, so hold on.) Whom do you think he’d choose as his vice-presidential running mate? Maybe Amy Klobuchar, the Minnesota Senator who maintained perhaps the most decorum on the Democrat’s debate stages? She also [...]

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Leaping into Life

Question: What’s rarer than an Elizabeth Warren primary election victory on Super Tuesday? Answer: Not much. Maybe a Tulsi Gabbard delegate or a TV station that didn’t run a Mike Bloomberg commercial. Actually, the response I was going for is this: A Leap Day baby. Did you know that less than 200,000 Americans share February [...]

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