Count These, Not Those.

By now you’re probably well into the 2019 grazing season. It usually starts when there’s a little (or a lot) of Halloween candy left over. The 100-bar package was already open so you couldn’t take it back to the store. And it wasn’t your fault that only six Trick-or-Treaters showed up. So, despite having told [...]

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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Overheard on the streets this week: CITIZEN 1: I’m just saying it’s really very gratifying. CITIZEN 2: What is? CITIZEN 1: To live in a country where our elected federal officials have made short work of solving all the issues that confronted us just a short time ago.  CITIZEN 2: What are you talking about? [...]

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Leveling The Playing Field

Does the name Julian Castro ring a bell with you? Not to worry if it doesn’t. He’s a former mayor of San Antonio and was Housing Secretary in Obama’s cabinet. Currently, he’s a Democratic presidential candidate, but polls show he only has the support of just south of 1% of possible voters. Hardly a hurricane [...]

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Not Worth Getting Up Over?

Here’s something to celebrate: One year from now, the Presidential election of 2020 will be over. Sure, there may be a little unpleasantness between now and then, but just think of the relief coming our collective way twelve months hence. Of course, depending on who wins the race (I was going to say gets the [...]

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Time’s A Wastin’

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? No? What’s wrong with you? The World Series is finished. Halloween is done. Thanksgiving is already planned. Costco has had fully-lighted trees displayed since mid-September. In less than eight weeks you’re going to be throwing away gift wrapping that litters the living room floor. It’s time to get [...]

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