This, That, and Hooray for Hoops

Some weeks, there’s just too much to talk about. With the world emerging from the pandemic paranoia and its attendant pitfalls, the return to some semblance of normalcy has created such a preponderance of stories, it’s hard to single out just one to discuss. So instead, I chose several. President Biden and “Vlad” Putin got [...]

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Celebrating “Day Off” Days

It all started with a huge uproar over Columbus Day. There were some folks who thought Christopher Columbus wasn’t quite the same fellow we all read about in our history books. And, as they pointed out, he certainly wasn’t the first person in the New World, which gave rise to Indigenous People Day being posited [...]

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“Role” with the Punches?

If she didn’t already know, Vice President Kamala Harris is probably finding out this week what kind of dubious job it is to be Number Two. You have to believe most, if not all, of the previous 48 people to hold that office, didn’t find a lot of good things to say about it. Even [...]

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Been There? Done That?

Countless kids sitting at countless desks for countless years have listened to countless teachers drone on and on about events that occurred years and years and years ago. History is a subject that learners found either fascinating or totally without merit. As in certain math classes, the question always asked was, “When am I ever [...]

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