Home Sweet Home?

As June continues to heat up, so too does the immigration debate. The Sticky Wicket of the Week Award now might well go to the question of just what to do with children who are ferried illegally across the U.S. border by their parents or other adults. As with every other issue of the day, [...]

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Tell Ya What I’m Gonna Do For You . . .

The commanding site of Air Force One is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The plane carries, among other things, the most powerful person in the world, a cadre of key aides, a few dozen reporters, the most sophisticated communication equipment on the planet, enough food for a month (should the situation arise), and even the Beast, [...]

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If The Word Gets Out . . .

Not since being forced to read Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Talesin 9thgrade have I heard so much discussion pertaining to a certain derogatory English word used recently by a TV talk show host and directed toward a female member of President Trump’s immediate family. As a high school freshman, there were snickers and stifled chortles (mainly [...]

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