A High-Tech Leap With No Net

Quite recently in my household, we did something bold and daring and totally unexpected (especially for somewhat technologically-challenged). We cut the cable on our TV. The deal we had struck with the provider two years ago was at an end, and the company, with no warning, was going to charge us about 50% more for [...]

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Words Will Never Hurt Me?

Although I wasn’t personally present at the time to know for certain, I’m reasonably sure that the first mother on Earth, Eve, told her sons, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” And moms have been repeating that sound advice ever since. You probably heard it. I heard it. Most of [...]

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In The Good Old Summertime

Summertime. And the livin’ is easy. Except, of course, if you’re a schoolteacher or student. Your summer’s about over even before it’s truly begun. Long gone are the days when the annual break in the academic action lasted almost a full three months. To many, it now probably seems more like three weeks. Those of [...]

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It’s The Polite Thing To Do.

Did you watch either of the two recent Democratic debates? It certainly doesn’t seem too far in the past that we were tuning in to see a couple dozen Republicans lambasting the status quo as well as each other, does it? Now it’s the Ds turn to succinctly summarize what they perceive ails us and [...]

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