Come on down, Commissioner.

As anyone in Atlanta and its environs and everyone in the baseball world can tell you, the Braves are currently embroiled in the World Series with the Houston Cheaters . . . I mean, Astros. (Forgive my hometown bias.) With the usual two-three-two home and away games format for the best four-out-of-seven championship, Truist Park [...]

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Congressional Cacophony

Have you tuned into a Congressional hearing of late? From what little I’ve seen, many that have taken place within the last decade or so have really been entertaining. Well, entertaining might not be the right word. Theatrical may be a better descriptor. Self-serving is also a possibility. And time-wasting is definitely in the running. [...]

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A Real Page-Turner

One of my favorite authors is the late Robert Ludlum. Some may be familiar with his work mainly through the magic of cinema. The machinations of his Jason Bourne character have been the subject of hit movies such as The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne, and The Bourne Legacy. Most [...]

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In Search of Togetherness

Even though Joe Biden is not from the Empire State, I bet he was rooting for the New York Yankees this week as they played the Boston Red Sox to see which team would make it into the Major League Baseball playoffs as a Wild Card this year. It’s not so much that the President [...]

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At Your Own Risk

As Congress argues about spending our money this week, it will be interesting to see if any Democrat or Republican jumps ship and sides with the other guys. Given the entrenched divisions in the country today, and the distinct possibility of election retribution against the offender, it might very well be appropriate to call any [...]

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