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Pretty much every week, I like to take a tongue-in-cheek look at events of the day. I have no axes to grind, no agenda to push. But the foibles of the rich and famous, the pomposity of politicians, and the continuous escapades of the denizens of Hollywood just provide too much rich fodder to leave alone. My intent is purely to be an equal-opportunity skewer, and to put a little laughter into your day. Here’s the link to past and present attempts:

My Latest Column

A Life Well-Lived

I hope you’ll indulge me in a little personal column this week. It’s all about my mom, who ended her 95-year residency on planet Earth by joining the heavenly chorus last Saturday. Even though my [...]

Planning Ahead?

In just under a year, America will once again head to the polls to vote for a president. Which means [...]

The Money’s Just Sitting There

Perhaps you’ve noticed several economic issues in the news of late: autoworker contracts, no raise in the interest rate, a [...]

Thar She Blows?

To say the least, there’s a bit of unrest going on in the world at the moment. The biggest powder [...]

Speaker Seekers

Let’s see. Headlines of the day. Well, there’s the new mess in the Middle East. There’s the old mess in [...]

This is Paradise?

I’ve been very fortunate to set foot in all the lower 48 states of the Union. I use the words [...]