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Pretty much every week, I like to take a tongue-in-cheek look at events of the day. I have no axes to grind, no agenda to push. But the foibles of the rich and famous, the pomposity of politicians, and the continuous escapades of the denizens of Hollywood just provide too much rich fodder to leave alone. My intent is purely to be an equal-opportunity skewer, and to put a little laughter into your day. Here’s the link to past and present attempts:

My Latest Column

Putin’s Posse?

Did you realize it’s been five months since Russia decided to help itself to Ukraine? Even as the headlines recede, that war continues to go on. Vladimir Putin is hardly giving up on his apparent [...]

A Simple Stress-Free Summer?

While the calendar says it’s not officially summer until June 21st, most of us in the Land of the Free [...]

Apple, Searchlight, Linseed Oil

Edith Wilson’s name has never officially been listed as the First Woman President of the United States. However, by many [...]

Watch Your Back, Vlad.

Are you familiar with any of these names? Sergei Shoigu, Nikolai Patrushev, Alexander Bortnikov, Yuri Kovalchuk, Vladimir Medinsky, or Anton [...]

Can I Get My Money Back?

During the presidential race in 2020, several candidates talked about the possibility of forgiving millions, if not billions, of dollars [...]

Seasonal Affective Disorder?

If you happen to be of an age when the AARP annually seeks your membership dues, you might well remember [...]

How Much?

As I was standing in line at the grocery checkout lane this week, I, of course, perused the headlines on [...]