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Pretty much every week, I like to take a tongue-in-cheek look at events of the day. I have no axes to grind, no agenda to push. But the foibles of the rich and famous, the pomposity of politicians, and the continuous escapades of the denizens of Hollywood just provide too much rich fodder to leave alone. My intent is purely to be an equal-opportunity skewer, and to put a little laughter into your day. Here’s the link to past and present attempts:

My Latest Column

Looking on the Bright Side . . .

While there’s no doubt whatsoever that the Covid calamity has wreaked havoc on the lives of millions of people and continues to be an alarming issue, there is another side to the pandemic producer. Many [...]

The Buck Stops . . . Never?

Bear with me here while I put things into perspective. One million seconds ago would take us back to Halloween. [...]

Come on down, Commissioner.

As anyone in Atlanta and its environs and everyone in the baseball world can tell you, the Braves are currently [...]

Congressional Cacophony

Have you tuned into a Congressional hearing of late? From what little I’ve seen, many that have taken place within [...]

A Real Page-Turner

One of my favorite authors is the late Robert Ludlum. Some may be familiar with his work mainly through the [...]

In Search of Togetherness

Even though Joe Biden is not from the Empire State, I bet he was rooting for the New York Yankees [...]