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Pretty much every week, I like to take a tongue-in-cheek look at events of the day. I have no axes to grind, no agenda to push. But the foibles of the rich and famous, the pomposity of politicians, and the continuous escapades of the denizens of Hollywood just provide too much rich fodder to leave alone. My intent is purely to be an equal-opportunity skewer, and to put a little laughter into your day. Here’s the link to past and present attempts:

My Latest Column

“Role” with the Punches?

If she didn’t already know, Vice President Kamala Harris is probably finding out this week what kind of dubious job it is to be Number Two. You have to believe most, if not all, of [...]

Foul Ball or Fair Play?

If you’re a baseball fan – especially a baseball fan in Atlanta, Georgia – it’s been an interesting week to [...]

2024 Already?

Well, it took a bit longer than expected, but Joe Biden’s first presidential press conference finally happened last week. Supporters [...]

School Daze, School Daze

If I read the tea leaves right, classrooms are beginning to be populated again in public school systems throughout the [...]

The Turn of a Phrase

With roughly two months already in the history books, Joe Biden has put off a formal press conference and a [...]

Watch out for Redcoats!

Were you one of the umpteen million viewers (or is that voyeurs) who tuned in to watch Oprah ask transplanted [...]

Just Play Ball.

As any red-blooded American sports fan knows, Spring Training games began in Florida and Arizona this week. (And if you [...]