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Pretty much every week, I like to take a tongue-in-cheek look at events of the day. I have no axes to grind, no agenda to push. But the foibles of the rich and famous, the pomposity of politicians, and the continuous escapades of the denizens of Hollywood just provide too much rich fodder to leave alone. My intent is purely to be an equal-opportunity skewer, and to put a little laughter into your day. Here’s the link to past and present attempts:

My Latest Column

Who’s on the List?

Are you on Facebook? Some of the latest reports indicate there are approximately 3 billion or so regular users of the obviously popular app. That’s out of a worldwide population of roughly 7.8 billion people. [...]

You Scratch My Back . . .

Quick question: What makes the world of politics roll merrily along? The short answer? Money, money, and more money. Both [...]

Courting College Quarterbacks

As America gets ready to welcome the start of a new football season (that’s the football you can touch with [...]

The Lull is Over.

Ready or not, he’s baccccckkkkkk! Well, not totally. And fear not, anti-Trumpers, The Donald has not stormed the White House [...]

Celebrating “Day Off” Days

It all started with a huge uproar over Columbus Day. There were some folks who thought Christopher Columbus wasn’t quite [...]

“Role” with the Punches?

If she didn’t already know, Vice President Kamala Harris is probably finding out this week what kind of dubious job [...]

Been There? Done That?

Countless kids sitting at countless desks for countless years have listened to countless teachers drone on and on about events [...]