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Think Again

Think Again Published October 20, 2017 Have you watched the baseball play-offs this year? If you’ve made it through a full nine innings you probably live somewhere other than the eastern time zone or your bedtime is much later than mine. Many of the games have finished well after midnight and have taken an inordinate [...]

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Dance To The Music?

Dance To The Music? Published September 29, 2017 Quite the brouhahas are taking place before NFL games this season. Even the casual observer of football probably knows about a player named Colin Kaepernick who famously decided to not stand and put his hand over his heart during the playing of the national anthem before a [...]

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Nice While It Lasted

Nice While It Lasted Published August 25, 2017 “Get yer T-shirts. Get your Eclipse T-shirts here.” If you ventured anywhere within about 50 miles either side of the Totality Band on Monday, you may well have heard a vendor hawking his wares up and down the road or rest stop or grassy field where you [...]

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