Since the presidential nominating process has now become yesterday’s news, I thought it prudent to turn attention to other pressing matters in the world. There are myriad from which to choose. And some or all may affect every one of us at some point.

For example, it seems the Pentagon has reviewed all kinds of reports of alleged UFO sightings spanning several decades. It apparently found that things such as advanced government spy planes, commercial drones, new satellites, and even errant weather balloons were the main culprits of possible mistaken alien spacecraft. Uh-huh. Obviously, no one in the funny-shaped building in Washington, D.C., reads the headlines in the tabloids while standing in the grocery store check-out line. And what about “ET”? Wasn’t that one of those “based-on-a-true-story” movies? Talk about a cover-up. And why would anyone fabricate a tale about being abducted (often from a corn field in Indiana or Iowa) and teleported across the galaxies at supersonic speeds?

On another note of disbelief, did you see the report that said teenagers were happier and more peaceful when they DON’T have their smartphones with them? Of course, the report also said most teens haven’t limited their phone or social media use. I wonder how researchers pried the phones away from the kids’ ears long enough to even conduct a survey in the first place.

The Oscars were handed out this past weekend. Alas, the Academy did so without my watching. I did read that “Oppenheimer” won Best Picture. Since that was the only film nominated in that category that I saw in the theater last year, I cheered the choice. It was a well-done and entertaining flick. As was “Barbie” from what I understand. Part of the reason I didn’t watch the awards show (and, apparently, I’m not alone . . . the audience has dwindled by millions over the last decade), was because we’d just had the State of the Union Address and rebuttal a few days before, so I’d had enough political posturing. Come to find out, however, most acceptance speeches were about peace and brotherhood and the like. Only the host Jimmy Kimmel stuck in a jab at a certain presidential contender at the end. Just couldn’t help himself.

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, caused quite an uproar this week. The British and American tabloids must be tired of speculating about her well-publicized surgery back in January, about which the Palace guards remain mum. The photo she released of herself and her children to help celebrate Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom was scathingly attacked for having apparently been photoshopped. And not just once. How dare she! Only the tabloids themselves are allowed to do that. Keep in your lane, Kate.

Speaking of lanes, have you bought an electric car yet? It looked for a while as if Georgia was going to be the electric car capital of the automotive world. And it still may be one day. But the folks at Rivian have pushed back that honor for the foreseeable future. After getting massive tax breaks and leveling acres and acres of vegetation, the $5 billion plant that had been scheduled to start producing an all-electric SUV in 2026 decided instead to build those vehicles in Illinois for now – in a town called Normal. It seems the only thing that’s normal about the whole deal is that Georgia taxpayers were, once again, promised something big was going to happen they have so far is a big muddy field and a pledge from Rivian that they’ll be back.

Apparently, the car company’s sales aren’t quite living up to predictions. I don’t know for sure if this is the reason for that, but some people may be balking at paying $60, $70 or $80 grand for a vehicle that has to get recharged every three to four hundred miles. While there are probably fast charging stations available somewhere along the highways and byways, I read that a complete charge using regular home 220V might take half a day. That’s going to add just a little time to your Spring Break trip.

But you know what? None of the above news items may matter one little bit. Because it’s been reported that Vlad “the Mad” Putin is warning the West that Russia was “technically ready for nuclear war and that if the U.S. sent troops to Ukraine, it would be considered a significant escalation of the conflict.” What does he know that we don’t? Were we thinking about nuking battle fronts near Kiev? Geez, Vlad. It’s like you’re running for office or something. Oh, wait, you are. Right now. Is anybody still alive running against you?

You see? Plenty of things to take our minds off our own electioneering this year.

©MMXXIV. William J. Lewis, III – Freelance Writer