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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name? Published August 11, 2017 So it seems Dunkin’ Donuts is thinking about changing its name. As a trial, one of their stores in Pasadena, California, might soon drop the ‘Donuts’ part and just be known as Dunkin’ (apostrophe included). The official explanation is something along the line of Dunkin’ Donuts wants [...]

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Eyeball To Eyeball

Eyeball To Eyeball Published July 29, 2017 Did you ever hear of a YAG laser posterior capsulotomy? Unless you’re in the ophthalmology business, it’s probably not something that comes up in conversation very often at dinner parties. From a layman’s point of view, the P.C. is a procedure that is sometimes required after you’ve had [...]

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Beware The Bobblehead?

Beware The Bobblehead? Published July 21, 2017 Like every other Major League baseball team, the Atlanta Braves entice fans to the stadium for several games during the season by giving away bobbleheads. If you’re not familiar with them, the bobbleheads are usually small statues of players (or other people associated with a particular team) whose [...]

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Healthcare Delivered?

Healthcare Delivered? Published July 7, 2017 Sometimes an idea occurs to you while strolling along a strand of sand that is just too good not to pass along. While on vacation, I think I’ve hit on a good start to a solution regarding the healthcare industry. Since it seems, as of this writing, that consensus [...]

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Common Denominators

Common Denominators Published June 30, 2017 I was talking with a lifelong friend the other day. She and I generally cancel out each other’s presidential vote. That diversity of opinion, however doesn’t stop our families from vacationing together every summer in a pristine location where not much divides us besides the choice of a hot [...]

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One More Time?

One More Time? Published June 23, 2017 You know what would be really fun and exciting? Having Karen Handel say she was kidding. That she really doesn’t want to represent the 6th District of Georgia in Congress and has decided not to take the seat in Washington, D.C. to which she was elected Tuesday. That [...]

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