As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s always nice to sit back and reflect a bit on all the good things that make life worth living. Perhaps all of us can pick out at least one family member who brings a smile to our faces. (Most of the time that would be Mom at the top, but no doubt there are others who make the list.) The majority of us usually (emphasis on usually) have an abundance of food right at our fingertips at our local grocery stores. No matter where you live in the country, there’s a body of water or a mountain or a fruited plain close by that you can go visit. And as is made obvious by myriad media, you can pretty much opine on any topic your heart desires. Some people may say yours is the stupidest thing they’ve ever heard, while others may herald your thoughts as perfectly poignant and exhilarating.

Everyone also has specific things for which they’re thankful. Maybe you’re getting to travel to Grandma’s house for a feast on Thursday after an enforced Covid absence last year. Perhaps you’re getting a little extra in your paycheck these days. A new baby may have joined the family. Or you might be an Atlanta Braves fan and haven’t stopped wearing your new “World Champions” T-shirt since you bought it the day after the final out in Houston.

One person who I’m sure has to be truly thankful this Thanksgiving is Britney Spears. Apparently, the fact that the singer no longer is under a “conservatorship of estate and person” warrants a lot of attention. Forget about the price of gas or turkey, Britney now seems to have total control over herself and her money (which reports say is substantial).

For those who don’t follow the tabloids in the grocery store check-out lane, a brief synopsis of what’s been going on is that Britney’s dad has been basically totally in charge of every aspect of her life for the past 13 years. I don’t know that he chose what toothpaste she used, but the way I read the headlines, it looked as if pretty much everything else was subject to his okay.

Britney (with the backing of her rabid fans) has been seeking to extricate herself from his iron rule for quite some time now. Apparently, there were some mental health issues of hers involved that have not been detailed. But now, all that is behind her. She drank champagne after the key to her conservatorship was unlocked and generally partied all weekend (or so it was reported . . . I was not personally invited to the shindig).

With quite a bit of disposable cash at her fingertips now, it will be interesting to see how Britney enjoys her newfound financial freedom. I have a couple of suggestions for her if she’s interested:

  • Show some gratitude. Give a free concert or two so your fans can celebrate with you. You can now afford to pay your promoter, band, and back-up singers/dancers out of your own pocket. No entry fee would be a nice little gift to those who supported you.
  • Take your sons to DisneyLand. Or are they too old for that now? No. Nobody’s ever too old to enjoy Walt’s creation.
  • Eat a lot of ice cream. You can handle an extra pound or two.
  • Buy a construction company. With the new Infrastructure trillions about to be spread around, now would be a good time to own a backhoe and piledriver.
  • Invest in windmill farms. As the country becomes less dependent on fossil fuel for energy (well, that’s the plan, anyway) you can reap the benefits (both financial and PR-wise).

And don’t forget about investments. Stocks, bonds, anything Elon Musk touches. Although this might be the best use of your money:

  • Buy Hunter Biden paintings. I’ve read that a mere $500,000 is a good beginning price point. That’s now pocket change for you. Just think of how much the art stands to increase in value in the coming years. Especially if his dad continues to occupy the White House. (And if you can find that old laptop of his, snap it up. It could be a gold mine.)

Hopefully, that’s a helpful starter list for Ms. Spears. You know, it’s not every 39-year-old who gets to be reborn, at least economically. Whatever Ms. Spear’s decides to do, though, we should all be thankful that her legal issues have allowed many to momentarily put politics and Covid and the chillier weather on the back burner – at least long enough to enjoy our national day of thanks.


©MMXXI. William J. Lewis, III – Freelance Writer