The New Year is just about upon us. Got a little election in November and lots of fun things in between. But before all that, are you one of the millions who have made a Resolution for 2020? According to extensive research, the most common ones are eating healthier, getting more exercise, and saving more money. Any of those sound familiar?

How about lose weight, get organized, spend more time with family and friends, travel and/or read more? One of my favorites is enjoy life to the fullest. That last one kinda captures everything, right? And it doesn’t tie you down to anything in particular.

Perhaps you’ll actually fulfill your resolutions. Not to put a damper on your aspirations or anything, but apparently the average declaration lasts all the way up to January 12th. There may be a lot of treadmills sold around Christmastime, but they can quickly become convenient places to hang clothes.

If you’re actually determined to make a change in your everyday living, there are some experts who have suggested numerous ways to help achieve your goals. One of the biggest items is to be specific. And don’t make the vow too big. Keep it reasonable. Your goal should motivate you. It helps to write it down and share it with others who can keep you on track. You also need to be mentally prepared. Get your mind working in the right direction, and the rest of the body just might follow suit. You should monitor your progress, make midstream corrections when necessary, and, perhaps most importantly, if you fall off the horse, get back on it immediately.

Given those parameters, I have decided to share my New Year’s Resolution with all of you. Please feel free to hold me accountable. Of the big three, I really feel as if, for the most part (Christmas parties notwithstanding) I already eat pretty healthily. And I get lots of exercise. So, those two I’m counting as “You’re good.” That saving money part could certainly stand a boost, but I’ll work on that separately. 

No, this year I’m heeding the experts’ advice and choosing something I really feel I can pounce on immediately and carry through from January through December without fail. As a matter of fact, I just might get better at it. So, here goes. My 2020 New Year’s Resolution: Eat ONLY dark chocolate for dessert. 

I’ve thought long and hard about it. I’ve been trying for quite a while now to wean myself off milk chocolate, and I certainly never touch white chocolate (a true oxymoron). But sometimes a Snickers bar just calls to you, you know? Happens a lot in the checkout line at the grocery store. Kroger and Publix aren’t stupid. You’re a captive audience. Many of us shop when we’re hungry. There’s a minute or two to peruse the entire candy section. And often the chocolate is on sale. So, you end up scarfing down a tasty morsel and paying for an empty package. (And a copy of National Enquirer, but that’s another story.)

Thus, as of now, I’ll be concentrating all my chocolate eating on the dark side. Dark Hershey’s syrup on dark chocolate ice cream, Mounds bars (not Almond Joy), 80% or higher cacao content in all other candies, even dark chocolate protein drinks when necessary.

I am totally mentally prepared to take on this task. My taste buds have already been alerted that anything too sweet should go no farther than my last molars. Motivation will not be a problem. I like to reward myself frequently for anything I feel I’ve managed to do rather well. As you can see from the above description, I’m being specific about the darkness. And this column definitely means I’m writing down my intentions, as well as sharing them with others.

There’s no problem breaking up my overall goal into smaller ones. If presented with a box of light and dark chocolates, I’ll only choose the dark ones and donate the others to a less-discerning sugar admirer. 

Please feel free to ask me how I’m doing on my journey throughout the year. I don’t even mind a test or two. Go ahead and send me your chocolate samples. Not to offend anyone, but if they don’t meet the dark requirements, I vow not to touch them. 

There. That’s it. Feels good to get all that out in the open. I really think this is a Resolution I can fully embrace and keep well beyond January 12th. And even though 80% of people who make declarations fail to keep them, I’m bound and determined to win my battle.

Anybody care to join me?

©MMXIX. William J. Lewis, III – Freelance Writer